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  •         Silicate mineral – Quartz
  •         Natural stones – Granite, marble, limestone
  •         Concrete
  •         Tile
  •         Wood
  •         Stainless steel

Quality does not always come cheap. When it comes to countertops that take your entire kitchen into a whole other level of grace, things cannot definitely be paid in peanuts. But it is possible to find countertop services that are less expensive yet deliver great quality. Yoush Countertops will absolutely prove this point to you.

Cheap countertops are a huge no-no. It is necessary to look for something that will last longer, look good longer, and will accordingly keep you not spending more money on new countertops any sooner. Never go for cheap, go for reasonable instead.

Once again, the correct answer to this question depends on your preference. But speaking out of professional experience, we at Yoush Countertops can suggest five great countertop materials that will last way longer than cheaper material will.

5. Concrete

4. Crafted glass

3. Marble

2. Quartz

1. Granite

Being resistant to heat, scratching and peeling – granite is possibly one of the most costly yet most durable countertop solutions out there. The choices of colour are endless, and the finishing will be breathtaking as well.

Proper care is absolutely necessary for your countertops to be looking brand new every day. The best way of cleaning a stone countertop is to use mild soapy water to wipe the entire surface gently. Bleach and ammonia can easily take the shine off your countertop real quick. Avoid harsh chemicals and stick to water and soap.

If you plan on getting a granite countertop, yes you can stop worrying about the heat damaging it. Quartz, marble and solid surface countertops are heat-resistant too, but will not withstand continuous and excessive heat. For the record, it is highly recommended to always use hot pads or coasters when you place anything hot on any countertop surface.

The process takes not more than three to four weeks since you place your order for your favourite countertop. These durations might change depending on the area that needs to be covered, and the countertop material you select.

If you’re looking for a new kitchen countertop, You’re in the right place with Yoush Countertops. We have one of the finest kitchen countertops. Our kitchen countertop range comes in a massive variety of colours and countertop materials so you’ll be sure to find the perfect kitchen countertop for your design.

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