Our Process

Why Hire Us?

Hiring us will be decision you will not regret, for we take pride in providing you top-class countertop installation services for a price that will be greatly affordable. Practice, knowledge and passion – makes Yoush perfect.

Our Process

Regardless of how strong and heavy countertops can be, our process towards installing them is way simpler in comparison.

1. Asking for a quote

The initial step we take is to provide you the most efficient and cost-effective quote. The necessary requirement for this is that you give us accurate information of the size of the project, and the material you initially have in mind.

2. Order confirmation

Once the payment is completed, the final details of your countertop installation project will be approved under your consent. The designs and material will be finalized.

3. Creating the template

The best part of our services is that you get to see what it will look like after installation beforehand. The digital template will be created with your assistance about design and style. Once the appointment is confirmed, we will schedule a time convenient for you and come over to create the digital version of your dream countertop.

4. Installing Countertops

After you are fully satisfied with the digital model of the proposed countertop, the installation of it will be just around the corner. It will take a week or so before we get the staff and equipment fully ready, and then we are good to go! You can opt to reserve a date of convenience for us to start the installation process. The procedure will be completed within three weeks to a month, and your countertops will be transformed into lasting magnificence.

5. Guaranteeing the price satisfaction

Once the work is complete, we will check and recheck every edge and contour to identify if we have made the slightest mistake. Once we check everything and make sure every detail falls in place, we will present the finished work for you. If you are dissatisfied with anything, you can always talk to our friendly service providers.

It does not get any simpler than this! Yoush Countertops in Vancouver can alter your view about traditional countertops and replace it with an innovative perception of what a trendy countertop can be. Our countertop installation services are one call away, and you can always choose your favourite designs and blend it with our latest technology.